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@thecanine on 6, I believe it is just an internal toggle. You have the new Teams like it or not, just using the previous "skin".
2 months ago
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@thecanine Since they dropped the Linux "desktop" version, I have to use it in Chromium. What annoys the hell out of me:

1. In a call with exactly two participants the "View" menu doesn't do anything anymore. I cannot focus on the content of the screenshare and always have the silly screen space wasted on the right with a giant, useless other person's profile picture. As soon as a third participant is in the call, the "View" menu works again. For months now. You can't even make it the default in the settings.

2. Over the last couple of weeks screenshares seem to get delayed for up to 20 seconds sometimes. I never experienced that before. This makes pair programming or diagnosing stuff very hard and way more time consuming than it should be.

3. I somehow never find the chat box. With the old Linux client that was no problem, but since they moved it to the top, it always takes me several seconds to open it.

4. Sometimes the first call in the morning ends up in total silence so I have to restart Chromium. It then works.

5. On live events I have to completely remove all the cookies and login again, because I get the error message that I have to accept third party cookies. Even if the ten domains or so are explicitly whitelisted or *all* third party cookies are accepted. Always get the error. Each and every time.
2 months ago
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