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Reply to #aajeezq
@mckinley a few points:


1. Single point of failure: Relays, though decentralised, could be targeted for censorship or sabotage.
2. Message integrity: Messages are not inherently linked, raising concerns about spoofing and manipulation.
3. Data storage: Clients may need to download large amounts of data, especially historical messages, impacting performance.
4. Limited functionality: Currently focuses on text-based communication, lacking media sharing or advanced features.


1. Steep learning curve: It is still young and requires technical knowledge for setup and use.
2. Limited user base: Finding an active community and familiar faces can be challenging.
3. Unintuitive interfaces: Client applications may not be as user-friendly as established platforms.

Also, full of crypto bros, crypto bros wanna be, and, well, worthless crypto (mixed with some porn, nazi crap, etc.). But go ahead, go through the same phases I went (I even ran my own relay), and see it for yourself. :-)
1 month ago
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