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@prologic Wow. I didn't know the Mills DC was that serious. How much storage do you have and how is it set up?
2 months ago
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@mckinley for me:

- a wall mount 6U rack which has:
- 1U patch panel
- 1U switch
- 2U UPS
- 1U server, intel atom 4G ram, debian (used to be main. now just has prometheus)
- a mini ryzon 16 core 64G ram, fedora (new main)
- multiple docker services hosted.
- synology nas with 4 2TB drives
- turris omnia WRT router -> fiber uplink

network is a mix of wireguard, zerotier.
- wireguard to my external vms hosted in various global regions.
- this allows me ingress since my ISP has me behind CG-NAT
- zerotier is more for devices for transparent vpn into my network

i use ssh and remote desktop to get in and about. typically via zerotier vpn. I have one of my VMs with ssh on a backup port for break glass to get back into the network if needed.

everything has ipv6 though my ISP does not provide it. I have to tunnel it in from my VMs.
2 months ago
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@xuu Wow. has IPv6, so are you hosting it on one of those VMs or is it a reverse proxy back home?
2 months ago
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@prologic Usable? Impressive. You can fit a lot of ISOs in 22 TB. Are you doing ZFS?
2 months ago
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