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Reply to #dabdvaq
Well, it’s not pretty yet, but I’ve got a very basic GUI version of dusage going:

To me, it’s just super cool that I’m able to write programs for OS/2. 😎 That operating system will always hold a special place in my heart, I guess. It ran on my Model 80 back then (and maybe even the Model 30, but I'm not 100% sure anymore) and thus a lot of my earliest memories about using computers are OS/2 related. (And DOS related, of course. I had a dual boot setup on the Model 80, believe it or not …)

Anyway, writing that little program got much easier after I’ve found this page which contains a lot of valuable information:

This is a collection of OS/2 books by a person who’s apparently quite active in the realms of ArcaOS (one of OS/2’s “descendants”).
1 week ago
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Reply to #uhvlayq
@movq That's cool! So that dusage scroll buffer is part of the GUI, not "just" a terminal?
1 week ago
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Reply to #uhvlayq
@lyse Yep, the scrolling is part of the GUI (responding to scrollbar events, translating coordinates, nasty stuff like that). It’s pretty brute force right now because it does a full redraw for each scroll event – a faster version would be to use `WinScrollWindow()` which scrolls/moves existing window content and then you only draw the new parts. Maybe I’ll do that in a later version. 😅
1 week ago
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