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@mckinley I almost feel like I shouldn’t reply because my setup isn’t very elaborate. 🥴

I have `~/music` and then a folder for each artist. Each album gets its own subfolder. That’s pretty much it.

I usually use `mpd` for playing, sometimes `mpv`. I could use something simpler, I guess, but I’ve been an `mpd` use since at least 2009 and it just works. (I used Audacious, XMMS2, and, well, WinAmp before that. And sometimes MP3Blaster at the end of the 1990ies, but at that time I didn’t have a lot of music on my PC anyway.)

A long time ago, I had `.m3u` playlists for each genre, but I found that I don’t use that a lot. I usually just play what I’d like to hear right now.

As for tagging, I just do the basic things like artist, title, album name, so I get a somewhat meaningful display in `ncmpcpp`:

Virtually all the music on my hard disk is ripped from CDs that I physically own. The script that I use for ripping is *ancient*, like 17 years old. But it still works, so why bother. It apparently uses `icedax` for querying the CDDB and the actual ripping, then `oggenc` for encoding.

Probably the most elaborate/convoluted part of my sound setup is the use of LADSPA filters directly in PipeWire. I have crappy speakers and the filters do some EQ and maybe compression. That’s also super handy in today’s abundant video calls and also for watching movies. (I disable the filter chain if I switch to my headphones.)
1 week ago
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