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I've been reading "Shareware Heroes: The renegades who redefined gaming at the dawn of the internet" learning of games developed before I was born, or when was too small.
I'm finding old gems to play and understanding that we have the same problems developing games 30+ years after, although with some obvious differences.

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Which reminds me of another Tetris I don't know how it came to my PC in the 90s.
1 week ago
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Reply to #56htoea Which problems are those? 🤔

The only “advanced” Tetris I played back then was “Block Out”:

Except it didn’t run nearly as smooth as in this video. 😅
1 week ago
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Reply to #56htoea
I remember playing a bunch of Tetris style games with my sister we would find on BBSs back in the day. I remember one that was a hexigon style one where the falling pieces were built of hexigons and you had to have them fall in place.
1 week ago
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